LF Rosa Painting is a Fort Collins and Northern Colorado painting business specializing in interior and exterior painting for homes and commercial buildings. From the first conversation to the last brush stroke, we guarantee that our painting services will transform your space. With over ten years of experience, we understand the importance of color in your space. Because colors are deeply connected to our personalities, each can influence and affect our mood. Your home or office should be a place that inspires you, motivates you, allows you to relax, and more. We believe painting is both an aesthetic and functional advantage for your home. Whether you are looking to make the new house your own, increase the property value, or simply need a change, painting is one of the most effective ways to achieve the transformation you are looking for. As an affordable home renovation option with the biggest impact, painting can highlight your home’s furniture and finishes. From a fresh exterior paint job that enhances the curb appeal of your home/business to interior paint that brings style and feeling to your daily life, LF Rosa Painting is all about the details.

Our painters understand that painting is more than changing the color of your walls. It is about changing how you and your family feel in your home – how you interact with each other and how you live in that home. We value your convenience and satisfaction when working in your home, so special attention is paid to meet your needs and requirements.

We take pride in our workmanship. Thus, using the best equipment paired with skills and experience, we are committed to making your painting project a stress-free experience, from concept to completion.