Residential Exterior Painting in Fort Collins

Are you bored with the outdated and less appealing appearance of the exterior of your home? A fresh coat of paint might be the perfect solution for you. At LF Rosa Painting – the best residential exterior painter in Fort Collins, we offer both interior and exterior painting services in Fort Collins. 

Our experienced team clearly knows what your space needs to get its best look. Our customer-centric approach in our work allows us to efficiently adapt to the needs of our customers and make their dream finish come true. To know more about services, Contact LF Rosa Painting today!

Our Exterior Home Painting Process

The exteriors of your property are home to endless possibilities. The overall look and feel of your house starts with perfect painting. The colors you choose have the capability to inspire you, lighten up your mood and make your space feel like home. The colors of your choice and our expertise makes the best fusion to transform your walls.

Free Estimates

After you request a quote from us, we will contact you for an estimate as per your schedule. We take all the measurements precisely and our software calculates the overall cost of material and the labor required with a great level of accuracy. It means that you will be getting your estimate on the same day.

Selecting Colors And Scheduling

With the step of approving an estimate, it’s time for the selection of color process. Our team can source colors from any manufacturer to suit all your preferences and our experienced team will help you in the process to let you make the best decision. And then we begin with our job as per your schedule.

Preparing, Painting And Cleaning

At LF Rosa Painting- best residential exterior home painting in Fort Collins pays a special focus on making your surface ready for painting to achieve the best results. When we begin with painting, be sure to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing and long lasting look of your space. Once your walls are fully dry, our team resets all your furniture and removes all the tapes, coverings and the materials used in the painting process.

Final Inspection

Our team member accompanies you to have the final inspection of the space in order to ensure that our work has met all your expectations. Your repainted home is ready for living and creating memories with your loved ones. 

Our Residential Exterior Painting Services in Fort Collins

We consist of experienced team members who are dedicated to delivering results of the highest quality possible. With our services, we are committed to exceeding all your expectations and giving your home your dream look of which you can be proud.

EPA Lead Certification

At LF Rosa Painting, we provide EPA certified services. Our team consists of EPA certified renovators who follow the best practices in order to ensure your overall safety and security.

Painting & Staining

We don’t just paint the exteriors of your home but don’t compromise on protecting them from harmful elements in the environment. Our team of experts works closely with you in order to identify the best plan to bring your vision to life.

Professional Power Washing

Tired of the presence of mold and old paint giving a dull and outdated look to your walls, then look no further than LF Rosa Painting! We ensure that your walls are free from all the harmful elements that stop the absorption of new paint.

Stucco Repairing & Painting

With the expertise and experience of LF Rosa Painting, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of stucco that covers your property. Our team is knowledgeable in both repairing and painting them to bring the best of them.

Siding Painting

Whether you have conventional siding or a modern vinyl siding, our residential house exterior painting services in Fort Collins add new life to the exteriors of our home. With the right approach, we implement the best practices to restore its beauty.

Find Out Why You Should Work With Us!

Searching for the best residential exterior painting service in Fort Collins can be pretty stressful. Poor quality of work can start peeling off in the first year. To avoid this situation, our experienced team conducts an in-depth inspection and begins with preparation and sealing all the cracks and holes and making the surface ready for the application of paint.

LF Rosa Painting strives to provide exterior painting services with leaving no room for mistakes.

Free Estimating

We don’t charge any penny in providing an estimate and you don’t worry about any kind of hidden charges. We provide an estimate including all the details to let you make your final decision effortlessly.

Quick Completion

We are very well-known for quickly completing our job without making any compromise on the quality. Once the schedule is finalized, we are committed to sticking to the schedule. Our team ensures that you get to see your expected results on time.


With hiring the expertise of LF Rosa Painting, be very sure of experiencing your dream home in the way you always wanted. From providing color consultation to identifying the best suitable finish, we work closely with you to ensure that results make your vision come true.